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With a few basic pieces of equipment and a little creativity, it is quite easy to start a home fitness regime. The convenience that comes with exercising at home gives a person the opportunity of working out anytime and the way they want to.

It not only saves time but is a cost-effective option as well. Obviously, if you have enough space, and money is no obstacle, then a classy home fitness center can be a fabulous option.

Even if you have limited resources and a very little space, you just need a few basics. This may vary from person to person depending upon the reason of exercising.

Nowadays, almost everyone is well aware of the benefits of regular exercising and joining a gym. Unfortunately, many people still do not take out time for a workout, and this is the reason why most of us fall sick so often.

Most of us may not have enough time to go to the gym or go for a walk. Doctors suggest that every person should work out for at least about half an hour three times a week, to remain healthy and hearty.

A home gym is the fitness area in your home which compiles compact fitness equipment which can be used for performing different exercises at a single work station.

There are usually six types of home gym arrangements available in the market. The most widely used is the free weight station which consists of dumbbells, barbells, power racks, adjustable benches, and round weights.

Multi gyms with the option for free weight plates consist of round weights that are manually placed on the barbells extension.

Multi gyms with steel or composite bands comprise the flexing band that creates maximum resistance.

Multi gyms based on stacked weights come with a pulley and cable mechanism with stacked weights.

In this booklet, we will explain in detail the different types and their benefits. We will also discuss the cost involved, the overall savings, and how to set up a convenient home fitness program on a shoe-string budget.

In addition to the original ten chapters,

we have added an additional 10 BONUS chapters

Here’s a look at what you will receive:

1. Introduction to home fitness programs- The need of the hour

2. Fitness benefits through treadmill

3. Finding exercises to be done at home

4. Choosing the right home fitness program

5. Privacy and cost-effectiveness of home gym

6. Exercises that you can perform at your home

7. Home fitness program for every person – Yoga

8. Significance of home fitness programs

9. Different kinds of fitness programs

10. Everlasting growth of home fitness programs- The next generation workouts.

11. Conclusion


Avoiding exercise should be no excuse anymore!

Benefits of an effective home fitness program

Exercising at home to stay away from gym constraints

Fitness gym right at home to enjoy full privacy when exercising

Fitness training programs designed to suit health needs

Home fitness programs to transform from fat to fit this festive season

Home gym workouts can be the right solution for gym constraints

How to build a home gym that suits your needs

How to obtain the best home gym fitness equipments

Weight loss spree on shoestring budget

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, attaining a stress-free
and a healthy lifestyle can be of utmost benefit.

A major change has been observed in the tendency of workout freaks, which is changing their exercise locale from gyms to home.

Reason being, the soaring membership prices, and binding contracts. As a result, they have started to opt for home fitness programs.

Home fitness programs provide many benefits to those people who want to do workout but have less time and desire of going to a gym. However, a major aspect of home fitness programs comes with its privacy facility. Especially people who feel awkward to work out in front of others because of many reasons such as self-esteem hesitation etc.

You do not have to dress up to get ready for going to a gym as you would be working out at home. You can wear anything you want without worrying about what others might think. Besides, you won’t need to worry about doing a particular exercise wrong and embarrass yourself.

Everything is under your control, you can mess up the number of times you want to and no one would know. There would be no need of looking for women’s only or men’s only sections as home-based health regime is your own private arena where you can be as comfortable as you always wanted.

Also, you get to work out at your own speed, the way you want to utilize your equipment at your home. There can’t be a much easier and better option for you than this which also saves you money that you spend on a gym membership and on gas for driving to it. There may be times an occurrence exists when you are not well for a number of days and do not go to your gym.

This booklet will walk you thru the process and help get you started on
losing weight and getting fit in the convenience of your own home.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Find out how to set up a
convenient home program
that fits your budget!

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